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Policies & Procedures



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The Old Dominion University Libraries is comprised of 

  • Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library
  • F. Ludwig Diehn Composers Room
  • Elsie N. Hofheimer Art Library

Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library

The Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library is the main library, and it contains most of the Old Dominion University Libraries’ collections and services.  Perry Library includes an impressive collection of monographs, periodicals, maps government documents, electronic resources, microforms, videos, and other media. As of June 30, 2009, the University Libraries’ combined collections total over 1,700,060 volumes.

Perry Library contains the Digital Services Center which provides hardware, software, and assistance to faculty, staff and graduate students needing to integrate digital information resources into instruction, research, and coursework. Perry Library also contains the University Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives. Special Collections houses the University Archives, manuscripts, books, and printed material related to Virginia and Tidewater history. Its collection strengths include African-American history, the Civil War, local history, Norfolk school desegregation, politics, military history, and women’s history.  The University Archives has non-current permanent records of the University, theses and dissertations, oral histories, yearbooks, course catalogs, university publications, and photographs of yesterday and today.  The University Libraries has been a selective U.S. Depository Library since 1963, receiving 64% of the U.S. Government’s offerings.

F. Ludwig Diehn Composers Room

The F. Ludwig Diehn Composers Room provides services and resources related to the musical collections held by the Old Dominion University Libraries. Types of materials located in the Diehn Composers Room include scores, manuscripts, sound recordings, DVDs and VHSs, reference books, and online resources. Western music tradition is emphasized for faculty research and instruction and for student instructional support.

Music special collections in the Diehn Composers Room include the Contemporary Music Research Collection which supports research leading to the performance of contemporary musical works. The collection’s focus is twentieth century postwar composers and their compositions. Although international in scope with no language limitations, the collection concentrates on works of American composers.  Another music special collection is the Historical Recordings Collection which contains original 45s, 78s, and LPs that would be of interest to the researcher in music history.  In addition, the Diehn Composers Room contains the New Music Performance Collection which is a cooperative project of the Virginia Tidewater Consortium libraries to serve music faculty members who incorporate new music in their teaching.  The goal of the New
Music Performance Collection is to develop a collection of scores that provide opportunities for students to perform new music.  Most materials in the collection are suitable for performance by undergraduate level ensembles.

Perry Library houses periodicals and books (both general and reference) on music topics.

Elise N. Hofheimer Art Library

The Elise N. Hofheimer Art Library supports research and instruction in art history, graphic arts, visual studies, art education, architectural history, photography, arts and crafts, sculpture, painting and outsider art. The Art library also provides scholarly support for the  Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries, a collection of more than 300 pieces of American folk art by over 70 artists, including paintings, sculptures, jugs, canes, and carvings. In addition, the Art Library provides a collection of over 10,000 volumes, 23 periodical subscriptions, online resources such as ArtsStor, DVDs and VHSs, cds, and catalogs and news bulletins of the Chrysler Museum of Art.

Perry Library houses retrospective volumes and some older editions of books.