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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Collection Development Services


Periodic weeding of the collection ensures that collections remain current, authoritative, and match user needs at Old Dominion University.
Bibliographers will use the following criteria when evaluating material to be weeded:

  1. Collection level: How vital is the item for Old Dominion University coursework and research? Is it a popular work?
  2. Intrinsic value: Is the item a seminal work in its field?
  3. Format: Is the format obsolete? Should it be updated to newer technology?
  4. Duplication: Is demand sufficient for multiple copies of the item? Would replacing the item be expensive or hard to do?
  5. Physical condition: Can a damaged item be repaired? Should it be replaced?
  6. Research value: Are older materials still valuable for research interests? Is the information still correct? Superseded?
  7. Edition: Is the edition of an item held by the library superseded by a newer edition or format (e.g. electronic or online/networked)? Does the older edition contain useful information or articles not available in the newer version?
  8. Textbook: Textbooks are not normally collected or maintained by the University Libraries. Is the book over 10 years old?  Do we have a newer edition?
  9. Completeness: Is the item part of a set or series of which the library does not have a complete run?
  10. Uniqueness: Is the item held only by Old Dominion University?
  11. Usage: Has the item been checked out frequently or recently (within the last 20 years)?

Withdrawal of library materials must be approved by the Collection Development Officer.