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The collection in this area supports the department of Educational Curriculum and Instruction, which is primarily concerned with training teachers. Both certification at the undergraduate level and masters of science in education from elementary through secondary are offered. The department also offers a library science certification as an endorsement to Virginia teaching certification, a reading major at the masters level, and a cognate for students in the urban education concentration of the Urban Services Ph.D. Coursework focuses on teaching methodology in particular curricular areas, theories of instruction and learning, classroom organization, curriculum design, organization and administration of curricular programs, methods of evaluating instruction, use of technology in instruction, reading instruction and remediation, and work in school libraries/media centers.

In addition to the academic programs, the department supports such initiatives as Professional Development Schools, global education experiences, professional development in instructional technology, and a reading center.


Language: Works in English are primarily collected. Works by theorists writing in other languages are collected in translation.

Chronological Guidelines: Current practice is emphasized in this collection, with historical theory and practice in the United States and Great Britain also included.

Treatment of Subject: Scholarly and professional works in the three fields are emphasized in collecting. In addition to works on theory, guides, handbook, and professional development materials for teachers are also collected.. Supplementary curriculum materials are added to the collection. Popular works are occasionally collected, depending on the importance of the subject matter.

Types of Materials: Materials are collected in all formats: serial and monographic, print and nonprint. This area of education has a strong interest in instructional technology which has required purchasing materials in new formats like laser disks. Among the formats collected have been books, CD-ROM, videocassettes, slide/tapes, and electronic files.

Date of Publication: Works published within the last ten years are emphasized. Historical materials of significance are added periodically.

Other General Considerations;

Subject Division
Collecting Level
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Teaching K-12: All aspects of teaching including elementary, middle, and secondary; psychology of learning, methods of teaching, educational environments, child and adolescent development.
Science Teaching: Theory, methods and current practice in teaching all areas of science
Social Studies Teaching: Theory, methods, and current practice in teaching social studies.
Language Arts and Literature Teaching: Theory, methods, and current practice in teaching language and literature.
Foreign Language Teaching : Theory, methods, and current practice in teaching foreign languages.
Mathematics Teaching: Theory, methods, and current practice in teaching all levels of mathematics
Reading Teaching: Theories, methods, and current practice in teaching reading
Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Problems: Dyslexia
Teaching with Technology: Use of computers in the classroom, educational television, and distance education.
Classroom Management: Management of interaction of students and teacher and classroom physical environment
Curriculum Design: Planning, development, and implementation of curricula
Educational Reform: Change in current practice; educational innovations
Educational Testing: Testing and measurement, alternative assessment.
School Libraries/Media Centers: Administration, materials selection, reference, technology in libraries, student instruction
Research in Education: Qualitative and quantitative methods and teacher action research.
 Collecting Codes
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Collection Development Policy Analysis by LC Class and Subject
LC Class LC Subject Headings  Code  Comments 
LB1025-LB1050 Teaching; Teachers 3b  
LB1141-LB1696 High School Teaching; Elementary School Teaching; Middle Schools 3b  
LB5-LB3640 Education; Education, Primary; Education, Secondary 3b  
LB3050-LB3060 Educational Tests and Measures  3a  
H62; LB1530; LB1584 Social Studies – Study and Teaching 3b  
QA1-QA11 Mathematics – Study and Teaching 3b  
LB1575-LB1576; LB1631; P53; PE1065 Language Arts – Study and Teaching; English Language – Study and Teaching 3b  


Languages, Modern – Study and Teaching; Language and Languages –Study and Teaching 3b  
LB1575; PN59; PN1009 Literature – Study and Teaching; English Literature – Study and Teaching; American Literature – Study and Teaching 3b  
Z675-Z718 School Libraries; Elementary School Libraries; Middle School Libraries; Instructional Materials Centers; Media Program (Education) 3b  
LB1049-LB1050 Reading Teachers; Reading (Primary); Reading (Secondary); Reading, Psychology of 3b  
LB1050-LB1050.7 Reading Comprehension; Reading – Ability Testing 3b  
LB1050.5 Reading Disability; Reading – Remedial Teaching; Dyslexia 3b  

Bibliographer:  Nancy McAuliffe