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The Department of Business Administration offers both minors and majors in finance at the undergraduate level and graduate courses leading to a concentration in the field for Master of Business Administration (MBA) students. A concentration in finance for the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration is also offered. The objectives of the program are to provide students with rigorous preparation for careers in financial management, real estate, or insurance and financial services. It is the library's goal to develop collections which support the needs of undergraduate and MBA students in the areas of Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Services, Insurance, International Finance and Real Estate. Business Law is also covered, although to a lesser extent.

In addition, the library seeks to build emphases in the aforementioned areas that sustain the special research interests of faculty and doctoral students. This policy covers both general collections and reference materials.


Language Guidelines: English will be the primary language of the collection. Translations into English from other languages will only be selected if they are seminal works or of major importance to the profession. Non-English materials will not be selected.

Chronological Treatment of Subject Guidelines: Current developments will be emphasized, with particular attention paid to developments in the last 50 years. Classic works will be selectively acquired in order to offer historical perspective.

Geographical Guidelines: Materials both domestic and international in their scope of coverage will be collected.

Treatment of Subject: A solid collection of general materials for support of the undergraduate and MBA curriculum will be developed and maintained. Emphasis will also be placed on building areas of the collection which support the research needs of faculty and the doctoral program. Materials on the methodological and practical aspects of the field are broadly collected. Works on the theoretical aspects of the field will be selectively acquired according to the research needs of faculty and emphases of the doctoral program. Textbooks will not be purchased, with preference given instead to professional monographs emphasizing varying aspects of the discipline. However, newer textbooks will be considered for addition to the collection as gift items. Biographies and historical accounts of the profession will be chosen on a selective basis.

Types of Material: Materials selected should include general monographs, bibliographies, collected works, conference proceedings, dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks. Formats should include both print and electronic resources.

Date of Publication: Materials published within the past ten years will receive priority. Older material may be selected as necessary to remedy weaknesses in the collection.

Other General Considerations:

Collecting Codes
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Discipline: Finance
Bibliographer: Polly D. Boruff-Jones
Date: 5/4/99
LC Class
Subject Descriptors
Collection Code
Financial institutions, markets, and systems. Includes monetary policy.
Business Law
Undergraduate courses only.
Corporate Finance
Theory and practice, management.
HG4501-HG6051, HG4301-HG4480
Includes personal and corporate portfolio management.
Kenneth Black Insurance Collection (500+ items)
International Finance
Includes exchange rates, mergers & acquisitions, and multinational corporate finance management.
Real Estate
All aspects of real estate industry including analyses and appraisal, transactions, and marketing.

Bibliographer: Polly D. Boruff-Jones