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To support faculty research and instruction leading to both the undergraduate emphasis (for the B.S. in Business Administration) in Information Systems and the MS degree in Computer Science with a computer information sciences emphasis (offered jointly with the Department of Computer Science). In the Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences the Information Systems (IS) program emphasizes software engineering, systems analysis and design, database management, and telecommunications. A broad perspective of business environments and processes, including international systems, however, is also important to these programs. Because IS is multidisciplinary, other departments involved in business processes, industrial psychology, and electrical engineering may share resources. There is overlap with Decision Sciences, which has a separate collection policy.


LanguageEnglish is the primary language of the collection. Non-English materials will be collected selectively.

Chronological GuidelinesCurrent research is emphasized. Because IS is a relatively "young" discipline, gaps in research for the past ten years could be filled in.

Geographical GuidelinesAlthough the greatest emphasis is on research in the United States, the international focus of IS requires that studies of the information systems of all parts of the world be collected selectively.

Treatment of SubjectTheoretical research, practical applications, and works on methodology are widely acquired, as are undergraduate-level and upper-division books in general information systems.

Types of MaterialScholarly journals, whether in print or electronic format, are essential for keeping current in IS and in all areas of business and computer systems. Periodical indexes and table-of-contents services (e.g., ABI/Inform, INSPEC, and several others available electronically) are necessary. Printed monographs, including software manuals, are also essential.

Refereed conference proceedings are selectively acquired. Electronic and print reference materials (e.g., standards, statistics) will be acquired selectively. Numerous resources in all areas of business and computer science are increasingly available via the Internet and can be accessed through the Library's Web site. CD-ROM and other electronic formats accompanying monographs should be accessible.

Date of Publication:  Emphasis is on the acquisition of and/or access to current publications.

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key to collecting codes
 LC Class Subject Descriptors Collection Code
HD 30-79 Operations Research 3
HF 5548 Electronic Data Processing 2
QA 75-76 Electronic Data Processing 
System Analysis
QA 276-80 Multivariate Analysis 2
T 57-58 Management Information Systems 
Operations Research

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