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The Office on Women's Health is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. OWH serves as an advocate to ensure that women's health issues are addressed in federal research, funding and agency programs. OWH programs include: Minority Women's Health, Girl and Adolescent Health, Older Women's Health, Violence Against Women, Reproductive Health and Breast Cancer Awareness.

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The National Women's Health Information Center is a service of the Office on Women's Health. NWHIC plays a key role in promoting health awareness for consumers and researchers, and serves as a gateway in sharing health information.

Click here to try their "Search Topics A to Z". See if you can find the "Surgeon General's Report on Smoking for 2001".

The Office on Women's Health also serves as a clearinghouse for locating information from a variety of Health and Human Services agencies. By visiting their link to Other Federal Health Resources you are connected with programs that focus on the needs of women to ensure healthy and active lives.