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Perry Library is pleased to be a "Partner in Promoting Women's Health". We hope you enjoy the virtual and lobby exhibits featuring resources to help you conduct research and lead healthier lives. The exhibits highlight materials from the agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services that focus on the unique health needs of women and the achievements of the past century.

What? You haven't considered the government your partner in promoting better health. You should! The agencies of DHHS conduct research and provide information on topics from stem cells to safe skin care products. Get to know these partners now.

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depository eagle The Library is a selective federal depository and receives thousands of publications from federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, Office on Women's Health and the National Women's Health Information Center.

You will find materials for the researcher, student, parent, child and consumer. So learn to take charge of your health. Here are some topics that might interest you.





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depository pc logo Increasingly many federal agencies provide fulltext publications and data series on their Web sites. To help you find federal information on the Web the Library has created a special link to Government resources.

For additional information about the exhibits or using government information for health care research please feel free to contact Janet Justis, Government Information Reference Librarian at (757) 683-4169 or

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