Politics and Imagery
in the Medieval World



[Selected Bibliographies included below.]

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"Politics and Imagery of the Medieval World" Readings for the ODU Friends of the Library

Kathy Pearson

Much of the best literature is in German or French, and remains untranslated. The following studies offer a tiny sampling from the last few decades of critical scholarship.

Fichtenau, Heinrich, The Carolingian Empire, 1964. This controversial study was highly critical of Charlemagne at a time when most scholars regarded him as the "Father of Europe."
(ODU Library: DC70.F513 1964: translated from German)

Sawyer, P. H. and I. N. Wood, Early Medieval Kingship, 1977. A pivotal collection of essays exploring various aspects of Merovingian and Carolingian monarchy.
(ODU Library: JC375.E3 1979)

Riche, Pierre, The Carolingians: A Family Who Forged Europe, 1993. An excellent family biography by a leading French Early Medievalist which examines most aspects of government and culture.
(ODU Library: DC70.R5313 1993: translated from French)

Wood, Ian, The Merovingian Kingdoms, 450-751, 1994. The best study now available of the Merovingian period, it covers all aspects of Merovingian life and society, with a special focus on the Merovingian monarchs themselves. There is excellent material on the Merovingian Church and the lives of elite women, as well.
(ODU Library: DC65.W48 1994)

Nelson, Janet, Charles the Bald, 1992. Nelson's book offers a revisionist view of a much-maligned Carolingian king. Although primarily a political biography, there is much information on the actual nature of rulership and its everyday workings.
(ODU Library, DC76.N45 1992)

Wemple Suzanne Fonay, Women in Frankish Society, 1981. The groundbreaking study of Merovingian and Carolingian women which has yet to be superseded. Wemple's book explores the full complexity of women's lives through a detailed examination of all available source material. Despite exhaustive documentation, the book is wonderfully accessible even for non-specialists.
(ODU Library, HQ1147.F7W45)

Stafford, Pauline, Queens, Dowagers, and Concubines: The King's Wife in the Early Middle
Ages, 1983. Stafford's book, another example of the wonderful research being done by a generation of women scholars, takes her audience into the hearts and minds of the women who stood behind the throne and occasionally even occupied it. This text complements and extends the coverage of Wemple's study.
(Not currently owned by the ODU Library)


"Politics and Imagery of the Medieval World" Readings for the ODU Friends of the Library

Elizabeth Lipsmeyer

General readings on medieval images:

de Hamel, Christopher, A History of Illuminated Manuscripts, Boston: Godine, 1986.
(ODU Art Library: ND2900.D36 1986. The Art Library also has the revised and enlarged 2nd edition of this work: ND2900.D36 1994)

Holländer, Hans, Early Medieval Art, NY: Universe Books, 1974.
(ODU Art Library: N5975.H613: translated from German)

Pächt, Otto, Book Illumination in the Middle Ages, London, 1986.
(ODU Art Library: ND2920.P2313 1986)

Stokstad, Marilyn, Medieval Art, New York: Harper and Row, 1986.
(ODU Art Library: N5970.S76 1986)

Carolingian Art:

Bullough, Donald, The Age of Charlemagne, London: Ferndale Editions, 1980.
(ODU Art Library has earlier edition: DC73.B8 1965)

Hinks, Roger, Carolingian Art, Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor Paperbacks, Third Printing, 1971.
(ODU Main Library has earlier edition: N6245.H5 1962)

Hubert, J., J. Porcher and W. F. Volbach, Carolingian Art, London: Thames and Hudson, 1970.
(Not currently owned by ODU Library)

Mütherich, Florentine and Joachim Gaehde, Carolingian Painting, NY: Braziller, 1976.
(ODU Art Library: ND2950.C37)

Ottonian Art:

Mayr-Harting, H., Ottonian Book Illumination, Books I and II, London: Harvey Miller Publishers, 1991.

Still the best treatment of Ottonian royal images:

Schramm, Percy E., Kaiser, Rom und Renovatio, 2 vols., Leipzig, 1929.
(Not currently owned by ODU Library)

Schramm, P. E., Herrschaftszeichen und Staatssymbolik, 2 vols., Stuttgart, 1954-55.
(Not currently owned by ODU Library)

Schramm, P.E., Die deutschen Kaiser und Könige in Bildern ihrer Zeit, 751-1190, ed. Florentine Mütherich, Munich, 1983.
(Not currently owned by ODU Library)