Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

1995 Outstanding Achievement Award

presented to


The First Recipient
Awarded on this 12th Day of April, 1995

A true friend of the Library, Alf J. Mapp, Jr. loves words, respects their power, revels in their diversity, responds to their subtleties, selects them with accuracy and imagination, polishes them to their full brilliance, and arranges them in just the right order so that his knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject leaps with ease and grace the great divide between writer and reader. He pursues knowledge as a scholar with diligence, honesty, and rare insight. He personifies the unity of human experience as he merges journalism, history, and literature. With high expectations and standards, with understanding and wit, he has shared his love of learning with thousands of students, inspiring them to seek, search, and share their discoveries with others as he has. Alf J. Mapp represents all that a Library cherishes -- reading for enjoyment, scholarly research, preservation of culture and tradition, and the quest for discovery, invention, and truth.