Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

1996 Outstanding Achievement Award

presented to


The Second Recipient
Awarded on this 17th Day of April, 1996

Daniel E. Sonenshine is the world's leading authority in his principal study--the tick. His two-volume, 914-page work, Biology of Ticks, covers all aspects of biology, morphology, systematics, physiology, biochemistry, ecology, disease relationships, and control of these parasite and disease vector organisms which have played a larger role in the fate of humankind than some celebrated institutions. Besides compiling virtually all existing knowledge on the subject, he has, through ceaseless observation and experiment, vastly enlarged the range of available data and increased the sphere of understanding. He exemplifies the Renaissance tradition of scholarship which recognizes that thorough knowledge of any field necessitates acquisition of knowledge in many related disciplines. He has addressed major problems of our time--global threats to health, preservation of the natural environment, and the vulnerable economies of third world nations. His experiments in tick control can mean savings of billions of dollars and the even more important saving of countless lives. He has pointed the way to achieving these objectives through the ingenious use of pheromones rather than toxic chemicals. While building his reputation, he has served Old Dominion University for thirty-five years as teacher and sometimes administrator, achieving the rank of Eminent Scholar.