Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

1997 Outstanding Achievement Award

presented to


The Third Recipient
Awarded on this 16th Day of April, 1997

Helen C. Rountree is an illuminator. Her studies, writing, and teaching shine the light of understanding and truth on cultures that have been misunderstood, forgotten, and nearly destroyed. Her research into the Powhatan Indians of Virginia and the Native Americans of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland remind us of a rich cultural heritage. Helen Rountree has always stood firmly for the truth, exposing false, commercial images that reduce the gold of knowledge to the dross of fraud. Her own historical, sociological, and anthropological work is precise, accurate, and even entertaining, proving that indeed, truth can triumph. She has shared the love of her subject with thousands of students during her almost 30 years at Old Dominion University. Her inspiring teaching, particularly with freshmen, was recognized in 1995 when she received the Outstanding Faculty Award from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Her scholarship enriches any library, and her teaching empowers her students to expand their awareness of people of diverse cultures.