Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

1998 Outstanding Achievement Award

presented to


The Fourth Recipient
Awarded on this 9th Day of April, 1998

Maurice R. Berube is the perceptive educator who peers into the academic mirror and sees the reflected image of American public education. He sees its strengths and its flaws; he discerns its past and its influence on the present; and he anticipates future needs and advocates for those whom the education system might neglect.

From teaching in the New York City public schools to being an Eminent Scholar of Educational Leadership and Counseling at Old Dominion University, Maurice Berube has contributed to our understanding of what it means to be an effective educator while he strives to improve the educational process. With the passion of the compassionate reformer, he has sought to bring enlightenment to the dark recesses of urban education. Through his numerous books and scholarly articles, he has added to our knowledge of the complexity of transferring knowledge, developing critical thinking, and encouraging creativity. His own teaching excellence in the classroom is a source of inspiration and emulation for future teachers.

His firm faith in the power of education to uplift all who enter through the school door is an inspiration to those who may falter or become discouraged. Such a strong advocate of public education imbues his educational philosophy with spirit as well as mental acumen. The Friends of the Old Dominion University Library proudly honors Maurice R. Berube with our fourth annual Outstanding Achievement Award