Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

1999 Outstanding Achievement Award

presented to


The Fifth Recipient
Awarded on this 12th Day of April, 1999

Wayne K. Talley, Eminent Scholar and Frederick W. Beazley Professor of Economics, senses order where others see chaos. We gaze out our windows and see an intricate and often confusing transportation system that seems spaghetti-like and full of disorder and cacophony. Professor Talley, however, understands this complexity and has attained an imposing international reputation because of his ability to digest and explain transit phenomena that range from the frequency and causes of airplane crashes and oil spills to the benefits of airline deregulation and competition between railroads and trucks. But, he does not stop there. For more than 25 years, he has proposed innovative, market-oriented solutions to the transportation problems that frustrate us. When traffic jams occur at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, or parking problems at MacArthur Center, the person to call for relief is Wayne K. Talley. His careful work, both theoretical and empirical, has been the catalyst for change, and is an important reason why he has held prestigious visiting professorships on four continents. For his gifts of teaching, research, and scholarship to Old Dominion University, the Friends of the Old Dominion University Library presents its 1999 Outstanding Achievement Award to Wayne K. Talley.

Jean A. Major
University Librarian

Martha Rollins, President
Friends of Old Dominion University Library