Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

2003 Outstanding Achievement Award

presented to


The Ninth Recipient
Awarded on this 7thDay of April 2003

Michele Darby, Eminent Scholar and University Professor at Old Dominion University, inspires all who know her because of her enthusiasm and hard work. After graduation and teaching at Columbia University, Michele Darby joined the faculty at Old Dominion University in 1974.  She has served seven years as chairman of Dental Hygiene and over seventeen years as graduate program director. She is known for work that is “absolutely complete” and a personal style that is friendly and approachable. A popular choice for University committee work, her participation always assures accomplishment of the committee goals and the appreciation of her colleagues.

Michele Darby has published three books that are well recognized in her field of applied science.  Research Methods for Oral Health Professionals was coauthored with Denise Bowen.  Comprehensive Review of Dental Hygiene is now in its fifth edition.  Dental Hygiene Theory and Practice, coedited with Margaret Walsh, has its second edition published in 2003.  Professor Darby has published over fifty refereed articles.  She has served as Editor of two professional journals, Educational Directions and Dental Hygiene.  She is a long time member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Dental Hygiene and is the new associate editor of International Journal of Dental Hygiene.  She is also an editorial advisory board member of the newly established Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, The Journal of Professional Excellence.

Professor Darby’s classroom teaching ranges extensively from dental anatomy and research methods to administration and curriculum design.  She has been instrumental in the development of distance learning through TELETECHNET.  Professor Darby is particularly proud of the accomplishments of her students.  Advising and mentoring are as high in her priorities as professional researching, consulting, and reviewing. Professor Darby’s talent for communication generates constant demand for workshops, discussion groups, and symposia on oral healthcare and teaching. Whether the subjects are gingivitis and plaque or patient anxiety and cultural adaptability, Professor Darby has diligently drawn grants and conducted research. Not only does she engage her students on issues that compel serious attention, but she has also reached globally to share her knowledge and to learn from other cultures.  She has lectured in the People’s Republic of China, Yugoslavia, Moldova, Korea, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Italy.   

For her contributions to health and applied science in the classroom and beyond, and for stimulating the smiles of her students and colleagues at Old Dominion University, the 2003 Outstanding Achievement Award of the Friends of Old Dominion University Library is hereby presented to Professor Michele Marie Leonardi Darby.

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Virginia S. O’Herron                                      Mary Hurley Daniel, President
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