Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

2004 Outstanding Achievement Award

presented to

Cynthia M. Jones

The Tenth Recipient
Awarded on this 12th Day of April 2004

The vast oceans encircling our planet and teeming with an almost infinite variety of living creatures are not only the subject of Dr. Cynthia Jones's research, but the oceans could also serve as a metaphor for this distinguished scholar's breadth of expertise. As Director of the Center for Quantitative Fisheries Ecology at Old Dominion University, she works in a multi-disciplinary environment which calls upon her knowledge of biology, chemistry, statistics, and computer science.

Dr. Jones is a scholar of national and international repute. Fisheries science and applied population ecology are her specialties, and her research in these areas has benefited industry, government, and academia. In industry, she has served as an environmental consultant, a role vital to ecological harmony. For state and national governmental agencies, she has provided expert counsel and service. Governor Warner has appointed her to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, the first fisheries scientist to hold this position in the Commission's 125-year history. And for Old Dominion University, her contributions as an outstanding researcher and teacher make her an invaluable member of the academic community. In addition to teaching and advising students and pursuing her own research, she has obtained nearly 10 million dollars in funding from national organizations. These grants for basic and applied research assist the University in its academic mission to students, contribute to its physical infrastructure, and enhance its reputation as a major research institution.

Dr. Jones's publications are noteworthy for their quantity and quality. They might not literally stretch from shore to shore, but they would come close. She was the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship to work at the Great Barrier Reef; she received the University Outstanding Researcher Award in 1999; and she was named an Outstanding Virginia Scientist in 2003.

The Friends of the Old Dominion University Library are honored to present Dr. Cynthia M. Jones with its 2004 Outstanding Achievement Award.


Virginia S. O'Herron
Acting University Librarian Friends of Old Dominion University Library

Mary Hurley Daniel, President
Friends of Old Dominion University Library