Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

Honoring Life Members of the
Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

Life Members have made a significant and much appreciated committment to the long term success of the Old Dominion University Libraries. A one time payment (currently $1,500) is placed in the Life Membership Endowment Fund. The proceeds of the endowment are fully devoted to the support of the University Libraries’ activities and supplement state funding. We greatly appreciate the generosity and committment of our Life Members.

Life Members

Robert Ake and Joyce Neff
Robert and Mary Lewis Ash
Ann B. Bohannon
Carl Boyd
Bette Browning
Charles O. and Elisabeth Burgess
Cynthia Clark
Mary G. Commander
Lisa Cumming
Joseph and Mary Daniel
Richard and Martha Early
Robert L. and Katherine B. Fenning
Jeffrey and Chieko Flowers
Robert Fodrey
Leslie H. Friedman
Grace Fritzinger
Roger and Martha Frost
Edythe C. Harrison
Ray and Dolly Hinton
William R. and Jerry L. Hoddinott
Paul and Judith Homsher
Margo Horner
Thomas and Patricia Isenhour
Marc and Connie Jacobson
James and Donna Koch
Barry Kornblau
Ann Lawler

Jean M. Lindsay
Robert A. Magoon
Robert and Jean Major
Alf J. Mapp, Jr.
John and Cynthia McCraw
Orieana McKinnon
Ernestine. Middleton
Raymond F. Morgan
Virginia S. O’Herron
Helen O’Neal
Anna O’Reilly
Patricia W. & J. Douglas Perry
Joseph Petro and Helen Yura-Petro
W. Maurice Pritchard
Usman and Jane Qureshi
Sid and Llew Roberts
Martha Rollins
Roseann Runte
Anne B. Shumadine
Taylor and JoAnne Sims
Daniel & Helen Sonenshine
Ira and Jean Steingold
William and Ernestine Swart
Katherine and Robert Treherne
Helen White
Harold and Rhetta Wilson
Evangeline Yoder

In Memoriam

Louis and Minnie Fine
Rita Mehalko Costello
Anne Scott Daughtrey
Geraldine Fodrey
Lucille Garner
Lee and Helen Gifford
Beverly Lawler
Arnold McKinnon
B. R. Middleton
The Reverend Ellis O’Neal
Patrick Rollins
A. Rufus and Sara Tonelson
Arthur White