Scholarly vs Popular

Some resources are scholarly (or academic), while others are considered popular (or general interest). In most cases, your professors will require that you find scholarly resources.

How can you tell the difference?

  Scholarly resources
Popular resources
Authors written or reviewed by experts in the discipline written by the publication's staff writers
written for researchers or practitioners in a particular discipline written for the general public or lay person
professional society or organization or university
commercial publisher
Content provide in-depth analysis of topic or report of original research review an event or research project, highlighting key points
uses technical language which may not be understood by the lay person understandable by the lay person
Appearance * illustrations include graphs and tables
* articles are usually long
* often use slick paper and more color
* many advertisements and graphics
* articles are usually very short
almost always include a list of sources consulted
rarely include a list of sources consulted

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