Subjective vs Objective

Subjective information is one person's opinion. In a newspaper, the editorial section is the place for subjectivity. It can be based on fact, but it is one person's interpretation of that fact. In this way, subjective information is also analytical.

Student research papers are usually subjective, in that the writer formulates a thesis statement and uses sources that support that thesis. Bear in mind that there is usually another equally valid viewpoint that can be supported with other sources.

Objective information reviews many points of view. It is intended to be unbiased. News reporters are supposed to be objective and report the facts of an event. Encyclopedias and other reference materials provide objective information.

iDevice icon Objective or Subjective?
Read the paragraph below. In the blank spaces, indicate whether the statement is objective or subjective.

99% of U.S households have at least one TV set. It is clear that even though many people are poor, television is more important than anything else.


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