Types of Reference Sources

Review the following chart of various types of reference materials and why they are used. Then, answer the questions below.


Use this to find:

Dictionaries (general, specialized, language) Definitions of words in a particular field; for word meanings; for etymology (origin)
>Dictionary of Business & Management
Encyclopedias (general or subject-specific)

Background information on a topic; usually written by a subject specialist

>Encyclopedia Britannica >Encyclopedia of Criminology

Facts, formulas, technical information; quick reference about a broad subject area

>CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics
>Handbook to Literature

Biographical dictionaries

Background information about a person

>Who's Who in America
>Dictionary of Literary Biography
Quotation dictionaries Who said what, where; some focus on a particular topic >Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations
Almanacs Brief statistical information and facts, both current and retrospective
>World Almanac & Book of Facts
Directories Names, addresses, phone numbers, locations of people, organizations, companies, etc >Encyclopedia of Associations
APA Membership Directory >National Faculty Directory

Lists of citations to resources on a particular topic

>Sexual Harrassment: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography
Yearbooks A summary of the current status of a year's work in a particular field
>Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook

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Using the chart above, indicate which type of reference source you would consult (other than Google) for each of the five information needs listed below.

1. I'm writing a paper on euthanasia and want more information about Jack Kevorkian.

2. I need to know the molecular formula of cholesterol.

3. For my research on city planning and skyscrapers, I need to find out which city currently has the tallest building in the world.

4. I need to find out who is the Public Relations Officer of Norfolk Southern Corporation so I can contact him/her about my research. I already checked their Web site and couldn't find the information.

5. I need to find the definition of "laissez-faire."

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