Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search tool provided by Google that includes materials "from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations."

Similar to Google, your results will often be huge. Don't be tempted to just take the first few articles -- you need to evaluate your results to find the best articles. There are many ways to narrow a search in Google Scholar. The video below will show you some of them.

You can configure Google Scholar to link to the full-text publications that are included in ODU's collection of journals. If there is no full-text link, you should still double-check ODU's holdings. The video below will also show you how to configure Google Scholar.

Some of the limitations of Google Scholar include:

  • While it is multidisciplinary, it is much heavier in sciences and not as good for humanities and social sciences.
  • It will not include as many items per subject as our library's subject-specific databases.
  • The capabilities for searching, limiting, sorting, printing are not as sophisticated as our library's databases.
  • Not everything will be freely available in fulltext
  • Strange, unexplainable things can happen!!
TIP: Google Scholar might be a good starting point when you need a multidisciplinary database, but you should also use one of the many databases provided by the ODU Libraries.
Watch this 6-minute video tutorial to configure Google Scholar for ODU's journals and for some tips on how to search.

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