SEARCHING for Information

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By now you've learned that there are many different types of information. But how do you find them? Search tools exist for this purpose. Unfortunately there is not one place you can go for everything. What tool you use depends on what source you want/need.

When using search tools to find information, various techniques can make your search more efficient and effective.

This module introduces the search tools that will help you identify useful information sources and the techniques that will make your search easier. It focuses specifically on the tools and techniques you will use for writing research papers.

IDevice Icon Learning Outcomes
After completing this module, you will be able to:
  • explain the basic differences between the Deep Web and the Open Web
  • determine what type of search tool to use for which type of source -- databases, search engines, library catalogs, digital libraries
  • demonstrate a basic understanding of types of databases.
  • describe how search engines work
  • write an effective search statement using various techniques including:
    • demonstrate the use of Boolean operators AND and OR
    • demonstrate truncation of search terms
    • demonstrate an understanding of both subject and keyword searching
    • identify and use limit features to refine a search
  • apply various search statements and different terminology using different search tools

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