How the Library Catalog Is Organized

Call numbers help you find materials on the shelves and allow you to browse by subject.

The Library Catalog is a database and a search tool which contains records for each item the library owns or subscribes to, whether in print or online. It includes items in the Hofheimer Art Library, the Diehn Composers Room, and those in the (main) Perry Library.

The catalog allows you to search for items in a variety of ways - by keyword, title, author, subject. The following is an image of our catalog page.

The catalog provides you with the call numbers you will need to find materials on shelves in the library and the links you will need to access our electronic resources.

If you are searching for a specific book, use the drop down menu beside the search box and select Author or Title.

In general, if you are searching for a subject/topic, it's best to start with a Keyword Search, by not selecting a drop-down field. If you search using the Subject field, you will need to know the Library of Congress subject heading. Once you find relevant items using the Keyword Search, you can check the Subject Headings listed in order to expand your search.

You should also take note of the call number area listed so that you can use these to browse the books on the shelf.

For your topic and your major, it's good to know which call number areas contain materials related to your interests.

Notice the various limit options in the catalog as well - location, format, language, availability.

If you want to find only what is in the Art Library, for example, you may wish to limit by location.

If you only want to find E-books, or Maps, or Theses, consider limiting by format.

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Watch this brief VIDEO to view a search of the ODU Library Catalog.

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