In addition, many databases allow you to export your selected references into a fee-based bibliography creation system, such as EndNote, RefWorks, ProCite, etc.

ODU has a license that pays for students and faculty to use EndNote and EndNote Web products.

EndNote is a powerful tool for acquiring, organizing and managing references. With EndNote, users may acquire references in various ways:

  • Enter the reference manually
  • Search a library catalog directly through EndNote
  • Search a library database and export references directly into EndNote
  • Search a library database and save references to import in EndNote with filters

You may then organize your references, images and PDFs and create bibliographies and figure lists. “Cite While You Write” is a feature that allows you to incorporate references from your EndNote library directly into a Word document as in-text citations and as footnotes or references.

IDevice Icon Using EndNote with a Library Database
Click on the link below for a brief introduction to EndNote and how it works with a library database.

EndNote: Exporting Citations

There's a lot more to EndNote than what you saw in this video.

For detailed instructions, click here to view videos from the EndNote Web site.

You may also go to "How To... Use EndNote" from "Tutorials & HowTos" on the library's Web site to get full instructions on how to download and install, how to export and import references from ODU's databases, and how to use Cite While You Write.

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