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14th annual literary festival opens on Oct. 8

The university's 14th Annual Literary Festival will feature an eclectic mix of award-winning poets and authors who explore the theme, 'Between the Lines: Fact and Fiction." The three-day festival opens Tuesday, Oct. 8.

W.P. Kinsella, author of "Shoeless Joe," which was made into the highly praised film "Field of Dreams," will give a benefit reading at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 9, in the Mills Godwin Jr. Building auditorium. The New York Times has said that Kinsella's work "defines a world in which magic and reality combine to make us laugh and think about the perceptions we take for granted."

Tickets for the event are $7 for general admission and $3 for students. Proceeds from the reading will help finance the Literary Festival, which offers events that are free and open to the public.

Among the more well-known writers at this year's festival will be Philip Levine and Henry Taylor, whose work, respectively, "taps into the roots of their experience through poetry that focuses on inner-city Detroit and rural Virginia," according to Michael Pearson, assistant professor of English and festival director.

Also appearing will be Tina McElroy Ansa, whose first novel, "Baby of the Family," was honored as one of the New York Times Book Review's Notable Books of the Year. William Patrick, the newest member of ODU's creative writing faculty, will replace Gretel Ehrlich as the Literary Festival speaker at 1 p.m. Oct. 8. Ehrlich's 3 p.m. talk has been canceled.

"Although Ehrlich is known as one of the most remarkable nonfiction writers in America today, her reason for not being able to attend the festival seems to be made of the extraordinary stuff of fiction: she was struck by lightning," Pearson explained. "She appears to be doing fine, but her doctor has recommended that she (See LITERARY FESTIVAL Page 3)



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rest for a while."

Joining Patrick in the ODU Literary Festival lineup will be a number of faces familiar to the campus community: from the English department, Pearson, Wayne Ude and AIf J. Mapp Jr. (see story on page 4), and from the Associated Writing Programs, executive director Liam Rector.

The festival is sponsored by the university's Creative Writing Program, Department of English, the College of Arts and Letters, Student Activities Council, the City of Norfolk, Associated Writing Programs, J.M. Prince Ltd. and other local supporters.

The following is a schedule of Literary Festival readings:

Tuesday, October 8
11 a.m.-Fiction writer Wayne Ude will join nonfiction writer Michael Pearson to present a dual reading on "Reminiscence: Fact and Fiction" in the Hampton and Newport News rooms, Webb Center.
1p.m. - Poet and novelist William Patrick will read from his works in the Hampton and Newport News rooms, Webb Center.

8 p.m.-Alf J. Mapp Jr. will read from his new book, "Thomas Jefferson: Passionate Pilgrim," in the Mills Godwin Jr. Building auditorium

Wednesday, October 9

11 a.m.-Novelist Tina McElroy Ansa will read from her novel-in-progress in the Hampton and Newport News rooms, Webb Center.
1 p.m.-Ansa will speak about the art of writing fiction in the Hampton and Newport News rooms, Webb Center.
8 p.m. -W.P Kinsella will present the Fourteenth Annual Literary Festival Benefit Reading in the Mills Godwin Jr. Building auditorium.

Thursday, October 10
11 a.m.-Poet Liam Rector will join literary editor Susan Broadhead and publisher Tree Swenson to offer a group discussion of censorship ill the Hampton and Newport News rooms, Webb Center.
1 p.m.-Poets Maggie Anderson and Jack Myers will present a joint poetry reading in the Hampton and Newport News rooms, Webb Center.
8 p.m.-Award-winning poets Philip Levine and Henry Taylor will read from their works in the Mills Godwin Jr. Building auditorium.