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Volume 32 Number 5, Tuesday October 06, 1992

Review: Who All Killed Cock Robin?

By YVONNE DePALMA Mace & Crown Staff Writer

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DU English professor William Patrick is the author of 'Who All Killed Cock Robin?", the play which kicked off this years Literary Festival. The play will be performed on Oct. 4 and 5 in the Stables Theater from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. as a benefit fundraiser for the Literary Festival. The play will run through Oct 18.

The play, Who All Killed Cock Robin?, opened Sunday night at the Stables Theater. Many would-be theatre goers, who had not made reservations to the sold out show were turned away at the door.

Who All Killed Cock Robin' provides a chilling look into a world where hate, prejudice fear, aid censure rule. Although you'll find yourself laughing at the funny caricatures the actor present the reality of their existence is frightening 'The world in which the characters in the play exist is not unlike a world in which people such Hitler or Stalin rule. It is a place whew a very minute group of people make the rules for all. These rules call for absolute adherence Non-conformity is punishable by death Creativity is scorned The inhabitants Live in fear of breaking one of the many rules or of being accused of wrong doing.

The leader of the ruling class is Mr. Evil. Actor Terry Jernigan powerfully brings this character to life He shifts through personas arid moods effortlessly Jernigan's performance on stage is mesmerizing-. He also portrays a character known as Miss Treavle. This character provides much of the comic relief. As frightening as Mr. Evil, Jernigan is as funny as Miss Treavle.