15th Annual Literary Festival
15th Annual Literary Arts Festival
Old Dominion University
October 4-8, 1992

Jay O'Callahan

Jay O'Callahan's short story, "Torrid Torts", was selected by Houghton Mifflin in 1975 as one of the year's distinguished short stories, and shortly after he began telling his stories, using sound, rhythm and movement. Within three years, he was touring the United States, and performing in London and Africa. In 1980, the National Fine Arts Committee engaged Mr. O'Callahan to perform for athletes and visitors at the Winter Olympics. In 1984, his Village Heroes ran for ten weeks at the Next Move Theater in Boston. In 1988, his works Politics and The Herring Shed were featured at the Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center. Mr. O'Callahan has also performed at the Smithsonian Institution, the American Stage Festival, the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, the World Theater in St. Paul, and at the Hollywood Literary Retreat. [extracted from 1992 brochure]

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