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News September 29, 1993 Page 3

ODU to celebrate 16th annual Literary Festival

Staff Writer

The 16th annual Literary festival, which will be held October 4-7, is introducing a number of talented writers-including ODU associate professor of English Michael Pearson and Mark Johnson, executive director of the Associated Writing Programs-to the ODU community.

The festival is sponsored by a number of organizations including the Creative Writing Program, English Department, the College of Arts and Letters, and the Associated Writing Programs of ODU, as well as the Norfolk Commision on the Arts, J.M. Prince Books, and other local donors. In addition, Norfolk middle and high school

students have the opportunity to participate in the newly created program called, "Words Up: Poets at the Chrysler," which was organized by members/staff of the Associated Writing Programs and the Chrysler Museum.

"AWP has become. more active in the community at large, and they are interested in giving students more exposure to the arts," said Dr. Janet Sylvester, the literary festival director; "The writ- ers will be going out to Norfolk middle and high schools on the first day of the festival, to encourage the students to come to the festival. These efforts give a lot more students access to the festival who might

not otherwise have heard of it."

"It's a really innovative and great idea," she added.

Unlike last year, this year's festival will be strictly readings.

"Last year was a perfor-mance festival," said Sylvester, "and this year is a return to what the festival usually is, which is writers reading their works."

Sylvester also wants stu-dents to have the opportunity to personally meet all of the writers. "We're trying to give the students especially as much access to the writers as possi-ble," said Sylvester. "So there's going to ba a party after Mary Oliver's reading at [ODU English Professor] Nancy Bazin's house, a recep-tion after Dave Smith's read-ing (sponsored by AWP), and then President Koch is giving a dinner before Bob Shacochis' reading, and then there will

be a reception on the last night at Chandler [Recital Hall]." Sylvester is "very eager to have everybody really appreciate how wonderful it is to get to hear the writers reading their own works." She encourages everyone to come and says that "each and every one of these writers has something significant to offer; you should come to every [reading]."

Literary Festival Fund Raiser Monday, October 4 8:00 p.m. Poetry Reading Mary Oliver BAL 104 Donation: $7.50, students $5

Michael Pearson will be reading from his novel, Imagined Places, as part of the Literary Festival. Photo. Kristine Inchausti