18th Annual Literary Festival
18th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
October 3-5, 1995

Quraysh Ali

Quraysh Ali is a native of Sheba by way of Enid, Oklahoma. He has nine years of professional journalism experience in print and broadcast journalism, but eventually left Babylon's mouthpiece to rediscover his own. He has been published in Atelier (Boston), Hammers, Freedom Rag and other publications throughout the Midwest. His poetry has been performed as theatre with Carving Mahogany, Chameleon Productions and Mission and broadcast on National Public Radio, WNUR, WHPK and WBBM-TV. Candy Day, his first play will be produced by Chocolate Chips Theatre Company in Spring 1996 and, blueblackbabieshighongrandma's sunshine, his first full-length manuscript is seeking a publisher. Quraysh Ali is executive director of Kuntu Drama, Inc. and programming director of the Guild Complex; Midwest Consultant for Poets and Writers, Inc.; artist-in-residence at Chicago's Donoghue and Manierre Elementary Schools; and a teaching artist and lecturer at several public schools and universities throughout the country. Quraysh Ali currently resides in Chicago. [extracted from 1995 brochure]

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