18th Annual Literary Festival
18th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
October 3-5, 1995

Ninotchka Rosca

Ninotchka Rosca is an exiled journalist and novelist from the Philippines. She left the Philippines in the 1970s after being jailed for her opposition to President Marcos' declaration of martial law and since then she has been living and writing in the USA. Her most recent novel was published by W.W. Norton, Twice Blessed, and won the American Book Award in 1993. She works closely with the human rights community and speaks widely about, and on behalf of, women who have experienced human rights violations. About Rosca, New York Newsday writes, "One of the Philippines' best known and most controversial writers (now in exile in the United States) has written a satirical novel of her country featuring a twin set of arrogant and greedy rulers — one of whom collects shoes." In addition to Twice Blessed, Rosca has also published State of War, ENDGAME: The Fall of Marcos, and Monsoon Collection. She is currently working on her new novel, The Archipelago of Saint Lazarus. [extracted from 1995 brochure]

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