1st Annual Literary Festival
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Page 4, UNews, Friday, Oct. 6

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Anthony Hecht reads selections from his works, which was followed later in the week by a workshop where he shared ideas and techniques with aspiring young poets.

Arts Reunion attracts 2,000 for programs

No one knew quite what to expect from so unfamiliar an event, as "The First Annual ODU Arts Reunion." But starting with the first day's programs, the more than 75 performers and lecturers and 60 or so organizers and helpers knew they had struck a responsive cord as they saw large and enthusiastic audiences turn out for each performance. In all, more than 2,000 attended the five-day Arts Reunion, which ended Sept. 29, to hear a favorite novelist or poet or listen to performances ranging from "street theater" to classical piano recitals. And with the event barely over, some are already talking about a second annual reunion. "We're going to relax a couple of days and then start thinking about next year," said Dr. Philip D. Raisor, associate professor of English and Arts Reunion coordinator. "It's been an exhausting week."

Enthusiasm for the first annual Arts Reunion was demonstrated by typically large turnouts, beginning with an opening-day reception on the lawn of Pretlow Planetarium. Shown are Dr. Carolyn H. Rhodes, professor of English [left], and Dr. Nancy T. Bazin, associate professor of English and new director of women's studies.
Associate English professor Dr. Philip D. Raisor [left] and black historian-essayist Blyden Jackson of the University of North Carolina enjoy the wit of a visiting lecturer. Jackson was among the participants of the arts reunion.
Renowned pianist Frank Glazer is silhouetted against the backdrop of Technology Theater, where he gave a sampling of his broad repertoire. A resident of Maine, Glazer has performed with some of the world's foremost orchestras.