1st Annual Arts Reunion 1st Annual ARTS REUNION
Old Dominion University
September 25-29, 1978

Note about Video

Video files for the 1st Annual Arts Reunion were originally shot on 3/4" film. They were converted to VHS by Old Dominion University's Media Services Staff. Because the aging originals have faded and were then further degraded with conversion to VHS, the quality of the video leaves much to be desired.

The VHS was captured as an AVI and then converted to RealMedia, which reduces the size for Web access. Streaming the video allows the file to load immediately; however, from home computers, net congestion may make viewing slow and interrupted. The best viewing is from a campus network connection or home DSL.

Viewing requires the RealPlayer plug-in, which can be downloaded free (Download Now).

Archival copies of the full videos are available on 3/4" tape, VHS tape and on CD-ROM (avi format) in Perry Library Special Collections.


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