27th Annual Literary Festival

Creative Migrations

27th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
4-8 October 2004


Mireille Desjarlais-Heynneman was born in Montréal (Québec), Canada. She holds degrees from the Université de Montréal (Social Work), and from La Sorbonne, Paris (Literature). Mireille is a founding member of the Société des écrivains de Toronto (French writers of Toronto), and has been active in the organization of Le Salon du livre de Toronto (Toronto French Book Fair) since its creation in 1992. Publications include Le Bestiaire (poems on Mirca Delanoé's drawings), Autour de Paul Savoie, poems and short stories published in various collections and literary publications in Canada and Luxembourg; forthcoming works include one poetry manuscript and one children's story, soon to be released in Toronto and Ottawa; and Les mémoires littéraires de Laure Rièse (the Literary Memoirs of Laure Rièse). Mireille's awards include Laureate for individual poems in Québec, and for a short story in the magazine Stop (Montreal), and Special Mention from the International Concours de poésie de la ville d'Arles, France. Mireille is a member of the AAOF (French writers of Ontario) and the SPF (Society of French Poets, Paris). [extracted from 2004 brochure]


Mireille Desjarlais-Heynneman 2004 brochure photo

27th Annual Literary Festival

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