27th Annual Literary Festival

Creative Migrations

27th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
4-8 October 2004


Nora Okja Keller was born in Seoul, Korea, and raised in Hawaii. She is the author of the bestselling novels Fox Girls and Comfort Woman. In 1995 she received the Pushcart Prize for a short story, "Mother Tongue," which later became a part of Comfort Woman, her first novel and the winner of the 1998 American Book Award. Her second novel, Fox Girl, is set in Korea in the mid '60s, and treats as its subject Korean women prostitutes and the abandoned children of American GI's. She writes realistically of poverty and survival, and boldly addresses themes of racism, heritage, Korean-American womanhood, child prostitution, and American consumerism. Nora Okja Keller lives in Hawaii with her husband and two daughters. [extracted from 2004 brochure]

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27th Annual Literary Festival

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