27th Annual Literary Festival

Creative Migrations

27th Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
4-8 October 2004


Brian Silberman's play Manifest premiered in 1999 at the Portland Stage Company and went on to win the Clauder Prize and the Pinter Prize for Drama. Frustrated by the typical depiction of the Holocaust in which Jews are victimized and saved by someone from the dominant culture, Silberman's play tells a different story: Manifest shows the Jews in concentration camps performing cabarets, songs, and skits. Silberman combines the atmosphere of vaudeville and the music of a klezmer band to depict the subversive and resistant spirit of the Jews. His other plays include Walkin'Backward, Feral Music, Sugar Down Billie Hoak, and Half Court. Walkin' Backward was cited in Best Short Plays of 2001. He has also been the recipient of awards from Arena Stage, The American Alliance for Theatre Education, the Kennedy Center, and The Poets' Theatre. [extracted from 2004 brochure]

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