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Luisa Igloria

Luisa Igloria (previously published as Maria Luisa A. Carino) is the author of six books, four of which received the National Book Award from the Manila Critics’ Circle: Blood Sacrifice (University of the Philippines Press, 1998); Encanto (Anvil, 1994); Cartography (Anvil, 1992); and Cordillera Tales (New Day, 1990). She is also the author of In the Garden of the Three Islands (Moyer Bell/Asphodel, 1995), and the editor of Not Home, But Here: Writing from the Filipino Diaspora (Anvil, 2003). Her seventh and most recent book is Trill & Mordent (WordTech Editions, 2005), a runner-up for the 2004 Editions Prize. Igloria’s work has appeared in numerous national and international journals; she has received prestigious honors that include the 2004 Fugue Poetry Award, Finalist for the 2004 Larry Levis Editors Prize for Poetry, and Finalist for the 2003 Dorset Prize (Tupelo Press). She has received fellowships from the Fulbright Foundation, the Hawthornden Castle in Scotland, and to the Summer Literary Seminars in St. Petersburg, Russia. Igloria is an associate professor on the faculty of ODU’s Creative Writing Program.

[extracted from 2005 brochure]


Luisa Igloria 2005 brochure photo

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