29th festival

Suzy Gilmont

Suzy Gilmont debuted at Urban Safari, a weekly poetry event at the Jaffe Art Center in Norfolk. This experience inspired her to study at the Menard Music School from 2001-2. For the past four years she has been performing across the Tidewater area in such venues as Station 2, The New Belmont, The Naro and has been featured at Fuzzy Wednesdays, Hampton Roads “longest running open mic nite.” Suzy has also preformed at Drexlers in Houston, TX for the 2006 Essence Music Festival and at the 2006 Akoben poetry festival in New Orleans, LA. Suzy completed her first self titled ep, "Suzy," in 2005 and is currently working on her second album, due out early 2007.

[Extracted from 2006 brochure.]

Suzy Gilmont 2006 brochure photo

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