2nd Annual Literary Festival
2nd Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
October 1-4, 1979

Books by Katherine Paterson

Following is a list of books available in the Old Dominion University Perry Library. Search the Online Catalog for availability. Check your local bookstore or online bookseller for more books by this author.

Angels and other strangers : family Christmas stories. New York : Crowell, c1979. 1st ed.

Bridge to Terabithia. New York : Crowell, c1977.

Come sing, Jimmy Jo. New York : Dutton, c1985. 1st ed.

Gates of excellence : on reading and writing books for children. New York : Lodestar Books, 1988, c1981.

The great Gilly Hopkins. New York : Crowell, c1978. 1st ed.

Jacob have I loved. New York : HarperTrophy, 1990, c1980. 1st Harper Trophy ed.

Jacob have I loved. New York : Crowell, c1980. 1st ed.

The king's equal. New York : HarperCollins, c1992. 1st ed.

Lyddie. New York : Lodestar Books, c1991. 1st ed.

The master puppeteer. New York : Crowell, c1975.

Of nightingales that weep. New York: Crowell, 1974

Park's quest. New York : Lodestar Books, c1988. 1st ed.

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