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The Hungry Heart Is Telling You
37th Annual Literary Festival
October 6-10, 2014

The vision of the 2014 ODU Literary Festival foregrounds the relationships of food and sustenance in a variety of literary, cultural, poetic, political, and other contexts.

As we require food for our bodies, we also require food for the mind and spirit. The poet Denise Levertov once wrote: “The world/ is not with us enough,” and therefore we must make haste to “taste and see… all that lives/ to the imagination’s tongue.”

As oceans rise and natural calamities increase in frequency and violence, as wars rage and food and fuel sources reach critical points across the world, we face our individual and collective futures with a greater sense of anxiety.

Besides a deeper kind of nourishment, in poems and stories, songs and art we find the promise of healing energy and inspiration, and the capacity to bring us together in the presence of new and remembered pleasures.

Join us at the table this October to feast on and share in these gifts of literature--- we hope all will be fortified for all the rest that is yet to come.

Luisa Igloria and Michael Pearson
2014 Festival Directors

Special Thanks





  • Dianne Alford
  • Blake Bailey
  • Tara Shea Burke
  • Kate Christensen
  • Annia Ciezadlo
  • Lorraine Eaton
  • Tarfia Faizullah
  • Nikky Finney
  • Jeff Henderson
  • Jane Hirshfield
  • Luisa A. Igloria
  • Sarah Lightman
  • Delores B. Phillips
  • Sasha Pimentel
  • Philip Raisor
  • Michael Ruhlman
  • Brian Silberman
  • Thomas J. Socha
  • Dana Staves
  • Ellen Dore Watson
  • Donald J. Zeigler


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