3rd Annual Literary Festival
3rd  Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
September 29-30; October 1-2, 1980

Tony Ardizzone

From the training grounds of Chicago and Bowling Green, Tony Ardizzone serves as running guard for the creative writing program at ODU. Author of a novel ("In the Name of the Father") and a collection of short stories ("Idling"), he is also the editor of Intro, an annual journal of the best writing from college workshops around the country. In a nearly completed accompanying volume to "In the Name of the Father," Ardizzone traces the route by which the character Vito Scaparelli reaches Vietnam. Ardizzone has published 15 short stories in distinguished fiction quarterlies. He believes that the writing of fiction is the crafting of interiorized drama. [extracted from 1980 brochure]

Tony Ardizzone's 1980 brochure photo

3rd Annual Literary Festival

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