3rd Annual Literary Festival
3rd  Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
September 29-30; October 1-2, 1980

Katie Letcher Lyle

While Katie Letcher Lyle is best known as the author of acclaimed novels for young people — "I Will Go Barefoot All Summer For You," "Fair Day, and Another Step Begun," — she has also published poems and nonfiction. She has written articles on popular music, the language arts, and food, in addition to producing four half-hour television scripts for the series "Footsteps," now being aired nationally on PBS. She teaches at Southern Seminary and has appeared at many schools and conferences. A forthcoming novel, "Scott's Marathon," is scheduled for October publication. [extracted from 1980 brochure]

Katie Letcher Lyle's 1980 brochure photo

3rd Annual Literary Festival 

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