3rd Annual Literary Festival
3rd  Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
September 29-30; October 1-2, 1980

Alf J. Mapp Jr.

Alf Mapp has worked as a newspaperman, freelance, and member of the ODU English department. He has developed courses in Southern literature and creative nonfiction, in addition to teaching courses in journalism, composition and American literature. Among Mapp's well-known books are "Frock Coats and Epaulets," "The Golden Dragon," and "The Virginia Experiment." During the bicentennial, he directed commemorative events throughout the state. Mapp believes that a key to good writing is selecting an object or action that reveals character and developing its possibilities. [extracted from 1980 brochure]

Alf J. Mapp Jr.'s 1980 brochure photo

3rd Annual Literary Festival

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