3rd Annual Literary Festival
3rd  Annual Literary Festival
Old Dominion University
September 29-30; October 1-2, 1980

William Ruehlmann

From his lair at The Ledger-Star, William Ruehlmann regularly stalks big and little game for feature articles. He has even tried wrestling with a bear. A native of Cincinnati, where he gained his Ph.D., Ruehlmann served briefly in the Marines and in a National Guard panel bridge company, then worked as a chauffeur, a summer stock actor, a high school teacher, and an envelope stuffer before finding his niche in journalism. He is the author of "Saint With a Gun: The Unlawful American Private Eye" and "Stalking The Feature Story." [extracted from 1980 brochure]

William Ruehlmann's 1980 brochure photo

3rd Annual Literary Festival

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