Literary Festival Digital Project

Project Description
March 1999

The Old Dominion University Literary Festival is in its 22nd year. It has been an important and impressive annual event, drawing prominent local and national writers to read from their work and participate in literary panel discussions. Festival brochures, posters, photographs, videos, and newspaper clippings are being collected from a variety of sources, then organized and housed in the Library's Special Collections. As a further means of preservation, we have begun digitizing these unique and valuable materials. From the digital copies, a searchable Web site (draft at will be created and maintained for access from campus, community, and beyond. This project is a collaborative effort between the English Department and the Library and will consist of a project management team representing both areas.

Purpose: The purpose of the Literary Festival Digital Project is two-fold:

Additional information provided on the Web site may include text of works read, biographical information, book purchasing information, and links to Web sites with information about the writers.

Audience: Anyone interested in our Literary Festival and its featured writers, in literary festivals in general, or in literature -- writing, reading or teaching -- will benefit from this collection. The Web site will be available and promoted to educators from all levels, K-12 through university. Old Dominion University and the Literary Festival will be promoted to Web visitors worldwide.

Outcome: Increased access to Festival materials and information will result in greater renown for our Literary Festival, greater exposure to the works of local and national writers through these primary research materials, and an even more positive image for Old Dominion University.

Documentation: All documentation related to the project -- minutes, technical specifications, equipment used, costs incurred, time for each task, etc – will be maintained and used to project costs and staff time for future digital projects.


Phase I of the project will be completed by October 1999, the date of the 22nd Annual Festival, and will consist of the following activities:
1) arrange physical materials in Special Collections;
2) digitize brochures and photos for archival copies;
3) create a website with pages for each festival that will include a scan of the brochure, a photo (ten for each year) exhibit, a list of authors, links to author pages which include bio and photo.
Phase II should be completed by October, 2000 and will involve extensive enhancements to the website with audio/video, textual materials, links to more information about the authors, and additional materials. This phase requires more work with obtaining copyright permissions, digitizing lengthy video, audio, etc.

Phase III is ongoing and annual, as materials from each future festival are digitized and incorporated into the archive.

Technical Specifications: This project will follow the standards set by the Library of Congress/ Ameritech project.

Equipment: Most equipment and software is available in the Digital Services Center. The Library will provide server space and will support disk storage as needed.

Phase I Funding Needs:

Staffing: $3,100
  Part-Time Technician, May 16-August 15, 1999
  $6.00/hour (highest rate for technical expertise)
  $6.00/hour x 480 hours x 7.65%fica = $3,100
Phase II Funding Needs:
Equipment: $2,000
     Digital Camera (for digitizing posters and other large format materials): $1,000
     Digital Audio Tape Recorder (for digitizing oral histories): $1,000
Staffing Needs: unknown at this time

kv 3/31/99