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Nobel, Pulitzer, and National Book Award Winners

(through 2000)

Nobel Prize for Literature

Walcott, Derek

Pulitzer Prize

Brooks, Gwendolyn
1950 Poetry award for Annie Allen

Dove, Rita
1987 Poetry award for Thomas & Beulah

Kinnell, Galway
1983 Poetry award for Selected Poems

Kizer, Carolyn
1985 Poetry award for Yin

Kumin, Maxine
1973 Poetry award for Up Country

Kushner, Tony
1993 Drama award for Angels in America

Levine, Philip
1995 Poetry award for The Simple Truth

McPhee, John
1999 Non-Fiction award for Annals of the Former World

Snodgrass, W. D.
1960 Poetry award for Heart’s Needle

Snyder, Gary
1975 Poetry award for Turtle Island

Styron, William
1968 Fiction award for The Confessions of Nat Turner

Taylor, Henry
1986 Poetry award for The Flying Change

Taylor, Peter
1987 Fiction award for A Summons to Memphis

National Book Award

Bartheleme, Donald  
1972 Children's Book: The Slightly Irregular Fire Engine
    or the Hithering Thithering Djinn

Bly, Robert
1968 Poetry: The Light Around the Body 

Clifton, Lucille
2000 Poetry: Blessing the Boats: New and Selected Poems 1988-2000

Emerson, Gloria  
1978 Contemporary Thought: Winners and Losers

Fritz, Jean
1983 Children's Book, Fiction: Homesick: My Own Story

Ginsberg, Allen  
1974 Poetry: The Fall of America: Poems of These States

Heinemann, Larry 
1987 Fiction: Paco's Story

Johnson, Charles  
1990 Fiction: Middle Passage

Kaplan, Justin  
1981 Autobiography/biography: Walt Whitman
1967 Arts & Letters: Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain

Kingston, Maxine Hong
1981 General Nonfiction: China Men

Kinnell, Galway
1983 Poetry: Selected Poems

Levine, Philip
1991 Poetry: What Work Is
1980 Poetry: Ashes

Lopez, Barry
1986 Nonfiction: Arctic Dreams

Mueller, Lisel
1981 Poetry: The Need to Hold Still

O'Brien, Tim
1979 Fiction: Going After Cacciato

Oliver, Mary
1992 Poetry: New & Selected Poems

Paterson, Katherine
1979 Children's Book: The Great Gilly Hopkins
1977 Children's Book: The Master Puppeteer  

Shacochis, Bob  
1985 First Work of Fiction: Easy in the Islands

Settle, Mary Lee 
1978 Fiction: Blood Ties

Stern, Gerald
1998 Poetry: This Time: New and Selected Poems

Styron, William
1980 Fiction: Sophie's Choice  

Wright, Charles
1983 Country Music: Selected Early Poems

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