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Minecraft Learning Commons

Comparison of Real LC to Minecraft LC

Welcome to the ODU Learning Commons in Minecraft. Minecraft is a computer game created by Mojang that allows players to explore a vast natural worlds and create complex structures from simple materials. (Minecraft is not associated with or offically endorsed by Old Dominion University or the ODU Libraries.)

To celebrate the opening of the real ODU Learning Commons @ Perry Library, Matt Jabaily, the Education Reference Librarian at ODU, used his spare time to reconstruct the Perry Library exterior and Learning Commons interior in a Minecraft world. The reproduction is very close to a 1:1 scale model and is based on the original Learning Commons plans.

To receive updates on the Minecraft Learning Commons or to learn about other Minecraft related issues at ODU, join the Minecraft @ ODU Facebook Group!

Explore the Library

Help Desk Comparison

If you own a copy of Minecraft, you can visit the Minecraft Learning Commons server. This server is privately maintained by Matt Jabaiy. To log on, simply open Minecraft, choose multiplayer, and enter the following IP address:

A download of the world is also available by emailing Matt at mjabaily@odu.edu. The server and download are both currently for Minecraft 1.0.

Video Tour

If you do not own Minecraft you can watch the video tour of the Learning Commons in Minecraft.

Haunted Library Game

Zombie Attack

The Haunted Library Game is no longer available on the server, but you can still get a copy of the single player version by emailing Matt: mjabaily@odu.edu.

Monsters have attacked the Learning Commons, and only you can save it! Destroy the invading mobs and light up the library to keep more from spawning. As you do, you'll learn more about the resources and services available at the Learning Commons, finding weapons, armor, and rewards as you explore.

Get Involved!

Do you have ideas about improve the ODU Learning Commons in Minecraft? Do you want to get involved in the building process? Contact Matt Jabaily at mjabaily@odu.edu to give your input or to get building/administrative rights on the ODU Learning Commons Minecraft server.