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STARquest I: Library Services & Resources

8j. Elise N. Hofheimer Art Library

Where can I find art resources?

The Art Library, located in room 109 of the Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Center, features over 10,000 volumes on architecture, sculpture, drawing, painting, print media, photography, arts & crafts. It includes an art reference section and some 40 periodical subscriptions for keeping current with art world events.

Some special features include Chrysler Museum catalogs and news bulletins, access to the library catalog and to art databases, slide viewing tables for students enrolled in art history courses, and monitors for art video viewing.

Go to the Art Library if you see the Art Library listed as the location, in the library's online catalog.

Elise N. Hofheimer
Art Library

Diehn Fine and Performing Arts building
Diehn Fine &
Performing Arts Center
Elkhorn Ave. and 49th Street