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STARquest II: The Internet and the World Wide Web

Final Examination

Your name:

1. The Internet is:

A. An international database
B. Network of computer networks
C. The World Wide Web
D. Electronic Mail

2. You can get to the Web using Microsoft Word.

True False

3. If a URL ends in .com that means the Website is maintained by a:

A. Computer site
B. Component site
C. Commercial site
D. Commerce site

4. Subject directories search the entire Web.

True False

5.You can search the entire Web using one search engine.

True False

6. A meta-search engine site can:

A. Run your search simultaneously in a number of search engine sites
B. Set the star rating of a Web page
C. Categorize the Web sites by subject
D. All of the above

7. The double quotes " " search command does what in most search engines?

A. Searches each word separately
B. Searches the words as an exact phrase
C. Eliminates the word or words from the search
D. All of the above

8. Which type of search tool will allow you to search image files?

A. Subject directories
B. Search engines
C. Meta-search engines
D. All of the above

9. Using Boolean operators, which of the following searches will allow you to use synonyms to retrieve the largest number of documents?

A. (teenagers OR adolescents) AND suicide
B. teen* AND suicide
C. (teen* AND adolescent*) AND suicide
D. "teen suicide" +adolescents

10. The most efficient way to find out how to search a particular Web tool is to:

A. Start searching and learn as you go
B. Call the web tool's 1-800 number & ask for advice
C. Read the help screens
D. Send an email inquiry to the Web tool's Webmaster

11. All information on the World Wide Web is accurate.

True False

12. The best questions which help you to evaluate a web site are:

A. Who? How? and Could?
B. When? Where? How? and Should?
C. Who? What? Where? When and How?
D. Who? What? Where? Would? When? and How?

13. To determine an author's credentials, you could:

A. Check the header and footer information
B. Look for a link on the Web page to biographical information on the author
C. Eliminate sections of the URL to backtrack to an author's personal web site.
D. All of the above