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The Records of the ODU Office of Alumni Relations


The ODU Alumni Association was established in 1957 as an independent and all volunteer organization. In 1961, it became part of the university and gained paid personnel and a president. Through the office of Alumni Relations, the Alumni Association focused on keeping graduates connected to the university through reunions and alumni weekends, and contributing to the university by way of regular fundraisers. The Alumni Association grew over the years, forming specialized chapters such as one for the Nursing School in 1977 and a chapter devoted to the School of Business in 1988. In 1990, the Alumni Association joined with the Office of Government Relations to launch the Alumni Legislative Network, dedicated to lobbying on behalf of Old Dominion University.


This collection includes administrative letters, pamphlets, reports, event programs, invitations, memorabilia, and photographs from the 1960s to the 2000s. They include material on fundraising, reunions, alumni weekends, and chart the growth of the alumni office both in the university and among alumni.


Series I: Office Files. This series contains office files including correspondence, pamphlets, reports, event programs, newsletters, and handbooks from the 1960s to the 2000s.  Material is arranged chronologically.

Series II: Memorabilia. This series contains memorabilia including alumni stickers and reunion pins.  The only dated item is from 1983.  Material is arranged alphabetically.

Series III: Photographs. The Alumni Office collected photos and devised a numbering system to help identify these.  This series has been kept in original order based on this photo numbering system with the exception that folders were divided into groups of 25 photos each and unidentified photos and extras are given their own folders for each grouping of 100 photos.  Additionally, reference materials are included in a folder at the beginning of the series.  These reference items include a spreadsheet, a CD containing only a digital version of this spreadsheet, and a compilation of notes that were found on envelopes and pieces of paper within this series that may be helpful in identifying photos. Materials are from the 1980s and 1990s.




Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


6 Hollinger Document Cases


RG 6-2A



Folder 1: ODU Alumni Association 1960s
Folder 2: ODU Alumni Association 1970s
Folder 3: ODU Alumni Association Nursing Chapter, 1977 Newsletter
Folder 4: ODU Alumni Association 1980s
Folder 5: ODU Alumni Association 1989
Folder 6: ODU Alumni Association 1990s
Folder 7: Alumni Legislative Advocacy Council Handbook 1995
Folder 8:  ODU Alumni Association 2000s
Folder 9: Alumni Association [undated]

Series II: Memorabilia

Folder 10: Alumni Stickers
Item 1: 15th Reunion Class of 1968 Commemorative Pin 1983

Series III: Photographs

Box 2

Folder 1: Photo Reference Materials (including a notes and spreadsheet describing photos 1000-1611)
Folder 2: Photos 100-125
Folder 3: Photos 126-150
Folder 4: Photos 151-175
Folder 5: Photos 176-200

Note:  Most of the photos 201-300 are not numbered on the photos, but have been divided into four folders of twenty-five photos each to be consistent with the ordering of the rest of the photos in this collection.  An additional 34 unnumbered photos were found in the original folder labeled 201-300.  These have been placed in a folder at the end titled “Photos 200s extras.” These may include duplicates or may be photos that were misfiled. There is also a folder titled “Photos 300s extras” which do appear to be duplicates.

Folder 6: Photos 201-225
Folder 7: Photos 226-250
Folder 8: Photos 251-275
Folder 9: Photos 276-300
Folder 10: Photos 200s Extras
Folder 11: Photos 301-325
Folder 12: Photos 326-350
Folder 13: Photos 350-375
Folder 14: Photos 376-400
Folder 15: Photos 300s Extras

Box 3

Folder 1: Photos 401-425
Folder 2: Photos 426-450
Folder 3: Photos 451-475
Folder 4: Photos 476-500
Folder 5: Misc. 400s
Folder 6: Photos 501-525
Folder 7: Photos 526-550
Folder 8: Photos 551-575
Folder 9: Photos 576-600

Box 4

Folder 1: Photos 700-725
Folder 2: Photos 726-750
Folder 3: Photos 751-775
Folder 4: Photos 776-800
Folder 5: Photos 801-825
Folder 6: Photos 826-850
Folder 7: Photos 851-875
Folder 8: Photos 876-900

Box 5

Folder 1: Photos 1000-1025
Folder 2: Photos 1026-1050
Folder 3: Misc. 1000s
Folder 4: Photos 1126-1150
Folder 5: Photos 1151-1175
Folder 6: Photos 1176-1200
Folder 7: Photos 1201-1225
Folder 8: Photos 1226-1250
Folder 9: Photos 1251-1275
Folder 10: Photos 1276-1300

Box 6

Folder 1: Photos 1301-1325
Folder 2: Photos 1326-1350
Folder 3: Photos 1351-1375
Folder 4: Photos 1376-1400
Folder 5: Photos 1401-1425
Folder 6: Photos 1426-1450
Folder 7: Photos 1451-1475
Folder 8: Photos 1476-1500
Folder 9: Photos 1501-1525
Folder 10: Photos 1526-1550
Folder 11: Photos 1551-1575
Folder 12: Photos 1576-1600
Folder 13: Photos 1601-1625
Folder 14: Miscellaneous Photos
Folder 15: Negatives


Revised: 5/23/2013