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The Papers of S. Eliot Breneiser

Scope and Contents ~ Container List

Biographical Sketch

S. Eliot Breneiser, known as Eliot Breneiser, was born in Santa Maria, California to Stanley G. and Elizabeth Day Breneiser. He was married to Violet Kathryn Breneiser. After serving in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World War II, Breneiser graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, California. He then obtained his Master of Arts degree with a concentration in Piano from Claremont Graduate School in Claremont, California. After teaching music for three years at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, Breneiser completed his Masters of Arts in Music Theory at the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music.

Breneiser joined the Music Department faculty of the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary in 1951 as one of only two music professors. Professor Breneiser took a very active role in the Music Department during his entire tenure. He taught such courses as Music Theory, Piano, Form and Analysis, and Twentieth Century Techniques, among others. In 1954 he became the Director of the Madrigal Singers, an acclaimed choral group and held that position until his retirement in 1986. He also was actively involved in the University's Opera Workshop as an accompanist as well as a singing coach for the performers.

Breneiser was active in music organizations locally, statewide and nationally. He served as chair of the Virginia Music Education Association and as a committee member in both the Music Educators National Conference and the Virginia Music Teachers Association. He was vice-president of the Norfolk Choral Association and a consultant for the Virginia Commission on the Arts and Humanities. He served as a judge at various music competitions, including the Bartok Competition in Washington, D.C., and the Virginia Pops International Piano Competition. For many years he was a choral adjudicator and clinician for public schools in the Tidewater, Virginia area. Breneiser gave many lectures over the years to civic and professional groups on musical topics. Additionally, he was a supporter of the Feldman Chamber Music Society of Norfolk and performed on several of their programs. Active in the community, Breneiser also served on the boards of the Virginia Society of Ornithology and the Cape Henry Audubon Society.

Breneiser retired from Old Dominion University in 1986 following a 35-year teaching career. He was a very active member of the faculty. Among his awards and honors was the A. Rufus Tonelson Faculty Award in 1980, which Old Dominion presents annually in recognition of outstanding teaching, research or community service. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi and Omicron Delta Kappa.

A member of the original Faculty Senate, Breneiser later served as the senate chair for three years. He was the University Marshall from 1979 until his retirement. He was also the faculty representative to the Board of Visitors in 1969-70. During his career, Breneiser served on many boards and committees at the university, including the Concert Series Board and the Credit Union Board. He served on the Presidential Search Committee in 1975-76. He was also a board member of Town-N-Gown and chaired the Norfolk Round Table lecture series for several years. He was designated Professor Emeritus at his retirement.

S. Eliot Breneiser died February 11, 1998 in a local Norfolk, Virginia hospital.

Scope and Contents

The papers of S. Eliot Breneiser, dating from 1965 to 1975, contain documents from his tenure on the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Caucus and the University Senate.  Included in the collection are committee reports, including ad hoc committees, and correspondence. 


Gift of S. Eliot Breneiser, September 15, 1978


The collection is open to researchers without restrictions. Questions about literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


8 Hollinger Document Cases

Series Descriptions

Series I. Faculty Senate.  This series contains minutes and agendas from the Faculty Senate dated 1965-70.  Of interest are Chairman’s memos and formal recommendations of the Senate during Breneiser’s tenure.

Series II. Faculty Caucus.  The documents in this series consist of correspondence from 1970-74.

Series III. University Senate Documents.  This series is divided into two sub-series of documents from the formation of the University Senate to Breneiser’s active tenure on it.  Reports and documents are dated from 1969 through 1975.  Sub-series contain correspondence and reports as follows:  A: General Senate Business; B: Committee Reports and Documents. 

Series IV. Expenditure Review Board.  This series contains correspondence and reports for 1974.

Container List


Series I: Faculty Senate:

Folder 1: Constitution and Rules of Order 1965-68
Folder 2: Minutes and Agendas 1965-69
Folder 3: Agendas, Minutes and Resolutions 1969-70
Folder 4: Chairman’s Memos 1965-69
Folder 5: Formal Recommendations 1965-69

Series II: Faculty Caucus:

Folder 6: Correspondence 1970-71
Folder 7: Correspondence 1971-72
Folder 8: Correspondence 1972-73
Folder 9: Correspondence 1973-74


Series III: University Senate:

Sub-series A: General Senate Business

Folder 1:  Formation of University Senate 1969-70
Folder 2: Membership and Committee Directories 1970-71
Folder 3: Membership and Committee Directories 1971-72
Folder 4: Membership and Committee Directories 1972-73
Folder 5: Membership and Committee Directories 1973-74
Folder 6: Minutes and Agendas 1970-71
Folder 7: Minutes and Agendas 1971-72
Folder 8: Minutes and Agendas 1972-73
Folder 9: Minutes and Agendas 1973-74


Folder 1: Minutes and Agendas 1974-75
Folder 2: Conference with President Bugg, RE: Resolutions 1971-72
Folder 3: Correspondence – President Bugg 1972-73
Folder 4: Correspondence – President Bugg 1973-74
Folder 5: General Correspondence 1972-73
Folder 6: General Correspondence 1973-74
Folder 7: General Correspondence 1974-75
Folder 8: Answers to Committee Correspondence 1974-75
Folder 9: Constitution 1971-72


Folder 1: Constitution Revision 1972-73
Folder 2: Student Rights and Freedoms documentation 1970-71

Sub-Series B: Committee Reports and Documents:

Folder 3: Final Committee Reports 1971-72
Folder 4: Final Committee Reports 1972-73
Folder 5: Final Committee Reports 1973-74
Folder 6: Ad Hoc Committee – Honor System 1972-73
Folder 7: Ad Hoc Committee – Grade Appeal Procedures 1973-74
Folder 8: Ad Hoc Committee – University Newspaper 1973-74


Folder 1: Executive Council 1970-71
Folder 2: Executive Council 1971-72
Folder 3: Executive Council 1972-73 (I)
Folder 4: Executive Council 1972-73 (II)
Folder 5: Executive Council 1973-74 (I)
Folder 6: Executive Council 1973-74 (II)


Folder 1: Executive Council 1974-75 (I)
Folder 2: Executive Council 1974-75 (II)
Folder 3: Committee on Curriculum and Instruction 1972-73 (I)
Folder 4: Committee on Curriculum and Instruction 1972-73 (II)
Folder 5: Committee on Curriculum and Instruction 1973-74
Folder 6: Committee on Curriculum and Instruction 1974-75


Folder 1: Graduate Studies Committee 1972-73
Folder 2: Graduate Studies Committee 1973-74
Folder 3: Graduate Studies Committee 1974-75
Folder 4: Library Committee 1972-73
Folder 5: Library Committee 1973-74
Folder 6: Library Committee 1974-75


Folder 1: Welfare and Grievance Committee 1972-73
Folder 2: Welfare and Grievance Committee 1973-74
Folder 3: Welfare and Grievance Committee 1974-75
Folder 4: Research and Publications Committee 1972-73
Folder 5: Research and Publications Committee 1973-74
Folder 6: Research and Publications Committee 1974-75
Folder 7: Promotion and Tenure Committee 1972-73
Folder 8: Promotion and Tenure Committee 1973-74
Folder 9: Promotion and Tenure Committee 1974-75
Folder 10: Student Affairs Committee 1972-73
Folder 11: Student Affairs Committee 1973-74
Folder 12: Student Affairs Committee 1974-75
Folder 13: Student Publications Committee 1972-73
Folder 14: Student Publications Committee 1973-74
Folder 15: Student Publications Committee 1974-75
Folder 16: Athletics Committee 1972-73
Folder 17: Athletics Committee 1973-74
Folder 18: Athletics Committee 1974-75
Folder 19: Committee on Admissions, Registration and Student Aid 1972-73
Folder 20: Committee on Admissions, Registration and Student Aid 1973-74
Folder 21: Committee on Admissions, Registration and Student Aid 1974-75
Folder 22: Long Range Planning Committee 1972-73
Folder 23: Long Range Planning Committee 1973-74
Folder 24: Long Range Planning Committee 1974-75
Folder 25: Committee on Community Involvement 1972-73

Series IV: Expenditure Review Board:

Folder 26: Expenditure Review Board 1974

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