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The Records of the Clan MacLeod Society of America

Historical Sketch

MacLeod Coat of Arms

The origins of the Clan MacLeod can be traced to a man named Leod, who was born about 1200, and was the son of Olaf the Black, King of Man and the Isles.Leod married the daughter of MacRaild Armuinn about the year 1220. The seat of MacRaild Armuinn was located where Dunvegan Castle stands now. The stronghold of the MacLeods has remained in Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye for the last 800 years. Throughout the centuries MacLeods have been known for their devotion to their chief, the tenacity with which they have maintained Dunvegan Castle, their appreciation for music and Gaelic Lore, their outstanding record in the professions, and their loyalty to one another. For this devotion, perhaps, they are best known for the symbolic motto and crest Hold Fast.

In 1891 Clan MacLeod Societies were founded in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. The families of the MacLeod Chiefs of Dunvegan were closely associated with the clan member societies from the very beginning. Sir Reginald MacLeod of MacLeod, the 27th Chief, and Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod, the 28th Chief, were Presidents of the Society. Beginning in 1951, Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod, the 28th Chief of the Clan MacLeod, undertook a number of tours worldwide, in particular visiting countries known to have clansfolk whose ancestors, relatives or themselves had emigrated from Great Britain. Dame Flora MacLeod visits to the United States in 1952 and 1953 stirred up a surge of interest in the clan and led to the founding of the Clan MacLeod Society, U.S.A., Inc. in 1954. The purpose of the organization was to establish a foundation for charitable, historical and educational pursuits for Clan MacLeod members living in the United States. The objective of that meeting continues to this day, in which the society strengthens fellowship among and encourages the study of the Clan MacLeod history and genealogy.

There are Clan MacLeod Society members in all 50 states, organized into regional societies by geographic area, each with a regional vice president and a national council of officers providing general administrative direction. Twice a year, the society publishes a newsletter with information and updates regarding the clan in the United States. A general meeting is held annually in various regions within the United States. Every four years a North American Gathering is held jointly by Canada and the United States, with the site alternating between the two nations.

The Dunvegan Foundation, which was originally formed to help fund the repair, upkeep, and preservation of Dunvegan Castle, is today the non-profit organization part of Clan MacLeod U.S.A. that works with the Associated Clan MacLeod societies. The Dunvegan Foundation conducts the charitable functions which include promoting the Scottish arts (music, piping and dancing), historical research, scholarships, as well as the preservation of historical places of interest in relation to Clan MacLeod.

The Clan MacLeod Society, U.S.A., Inc. is affiliated with the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies (A.C.M.S), based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies is the international coordinating agency for the U.S. and eight other national MacLeod Societies and publishes the Clan MacLeod Magazine. The other national societies are: Australia (est. 1912; re-est. 1951), Canada (est. 1936), England (est. 1937), France (est. 1981), Germany (est. 2003), New Zealand (est. 1954), Scotland (est. 1891), and South Africa (est. 1960).  Once every four years, a gathering of all national Clan MacLeod Society members, called a Parliament, occurs at Dunvegan Castle, Scotland.

Presidents of Clan MacLeod Society USA, Inc.

Clan MacLeod USA Crest

John B. MacLeod, 2006-
William C. MacLeod, 2003-2006
Donald B. MacLeod, 2000-2003
Don Mack McLeod, 1996-1999
William R. McLeod, 1993-1996  
Purdy B. McLeod, Jr., 1990-1993
Peter M. Norman, 1987-1990
William A. MacLeod, 1984-1987
Raymond J. McCabe, 1983-1984 
James S. McLeod, 1980-1983
Dr. Alexander C. McLeod, 1977-1980
Milton K. McLeod, 1972-1977
Charles Anderson McLeod, 1970-1972
Anthony M. MacLeod, 1966-1970
Dr. Norman W. MacLeod, 1964-1966
Lamar W. McLeod, 1962-1964
Richard H. McLeod, 1960-1962
Sayre MacLeod, 1958-1960
Angus McLeod, 1956-1968
John H. MacLeod, 1954-1956

Chairmen of the Dunvegan Foundation

2009                       John MacLeod Tutterow

Presidents of the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies
2006-                     Dr. Malcolm MacLeod, OBE
1998-2005            Dr. Alexander McLeod
1990-1998            Major Angus MacLeod
1986-1990            Norman MacLeod of Suardal
1980-1986            Major Loudon MacLeod, Royal Marines, retired
1977-1980            Alice, Mrs. MacNab of MacNab
1968-1977            Colonel Colin MacLeod of Glendale
1961-1968            Brigadier Torquil MacLeod

MacLeod Chiefs of Harris and Dunvegan

Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod, 2007-Present.
John MacLeod of MacLeod, 1976-2007. 
Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod, 1935-1976.
Sir Reginald MacLeod of MacLeod, 1929-1935.
Norman Magnus MacLeod, 1895-1929.
Norman MacLeod, 1835-1895.
John Norman MacLeod, 1801-1835.
Norman MacLeod (The General), 1772-1801.
Norman MacLeod (The Red Man), 1706-1772.
John, 1706-1706
Norman MacLeod, 1699-1706.
Roderick MacLeod (Ruairdh Og), 1693-1699.
Norman MacLeod (Iain Breac – Speckled John,
probably freckled or pitted by smallpox), 1664-1693.
Roderick MacLeod, 1649-1664.
John MacLeod (Iain Mor – Big John), 1626-1649.
Sir Roderick (Ruairdh Mor), 1595-1626.
John MacLeod, 1590-1595.
William MacLeod, 1585-1590.
Norman MacLeod, 1559-1585.
Donald MacLeod, 1556-1557.
Mary MacLeod (The Heiress), 1552-1556.
William MacLeod, 1541-1551.
Alexander MacLeod (Alasdair Crotach –
Alexander the Humpback), 1500-1541.
William Dubh MacLeod, 1442-1500.
John MacLeod (Iain Borb – John the Turbulent), 1402-1442.
William Cleireach MacLeod (William the Clerk), 1392-1402.
John MacLeod (Iain Ciar), 1370-1392.
Malcolm MacLeod (built Dunvegan Castle), 1320-1370.
Norman (Tormod), 1280- ca.1320.
Leod, ca. 1266 – 1280.


Scope and Contents

This collection consists of materials related to Clan MacLeod U.S.A., the Dunvegan Foundation, the Associated Clan MacLeod Societies, and the international societies of Clan MacLeod. Materials include documents, correspondence, newsletters, magazines, photographs, reel to reel audiotapes, and computer files. These items date from the late 1800s to 2009.

Series Listings

This collection is broken down into the following series I. Clan Mac Leod USA; II. Personal Correspondence; III. Dunvegan Foundation; IV. Cultural and Educational Resources; V. Publications; VI. Associated Clan MacLeod Societies (A.C.M.S.); VII. Clan MacLeod National Societies; VIII. Other Scottish-Related Groups, Foundations, and Clans; IX. Events; X. Photographs; XI. Electronic Media; XII. Artifacts.

Series I: Clan MacLeod USA. This series is divided into twenty-five sub-series of administrative documents, records, and items pertaining to the Clan MacLeod Society of the United States. Sub-series A: Annual General Meeting; Sub-series B: Awards; Sub-series C: Brochures and Bulletins; Sub-series D: Committees/Councils; Sub-series E: Constitution, By-Laws, and Incorporation; Sub-series F: Correspondence; Sub-series G: Council Meetings; Sub-series H: Clan MacLeod Dancers; Sub-series I: Financial and Legal; Sub-series J: Handbooks and Manuals; Sub-series K: Membership; Sub-series L: Minutes and Agendas; Sub-series M: Newsletter; Sub-series N: North American Gathering; Sub-series O: Old Dominion University and Archives; Sub-series P: Presidents; Sub-series Q: Projects-Migration project in regard to Clan MacLeod USA; Sub-series R: Projects-Miscellaneous; Sub-series S: Regional Societies; Sub-series T: Reports; Sub-series U: Reports-Annual; Sub-series V: Reports-Membership Secretary; Sub-series W: Reports-Secretary; Sub-series X: Reports-Treasurer; Sub-series Y: Miscellaneous.

Series II: Personal Correspondence. This series contains the personal (non-administrative) correspondence of those within Clan MacLeod. The correspondence in this series consists of personal letters and cards (birthday, Christmas, and miscellaneous occasions). There are no sub-series within this series and correspondence is filed by alphabetical order.

Series III: Dunvegan Foundation. This series is divided into nineteen sub-series of administrative documents, records, and items pertaining to the charitable division of the Clan MacLeod Society of the United States. Sub-series A: Annual Giving; Sub-series B: Board of Trustees; Sub-series C: Committees; Sub-series D: Corporate Documents; Sub-series E: Correspondence; Sub-series F: Dunvegan Castle Foundation; Sub-series G: Expenses; Sub-series H: Financial-Legal Documents: General; Sub-series I: Financial-Legal Documents: Banking; Sub-series J: Financial-Legal Documents: Budgets; Sub-series K: Financial-Legal Documents: IRS; Sub-series L: Financial-Legal Documents: Statement of Accounts; Sub-series M: Financial-Legal Documents: Tax Returns; Sub-series N: Financial-Legal Documents: Trusts; Sub-series O: Financial-Legal Documents: Grants and Scholarships; Sub-series Q: Reports; Sub-series R: Workshops; Sub-series S: Miscellaneous.

Series IV: Cultural and Educational Resources. This series is divided into four sub-series in regard to art, music, poetry, exhibits, travel, and history within Clan MacLeod. Sub-series A: The Arts; Sub-series B: Exhibits; Sub-series C: Travel; Sub-series D: Miscellaneous Clan History.

Series V: Publications. This series is divided into three sub-series pertaining to publications regarding the history of Clan MacLeod, as well as MacLeod families and individual members. Sub-series A: Histories-Clan MacLeod; Sub-series B: Histories: Individual/Family; Sub-series C: Miscellaneous.

Series VI: Associated Clan MacLeod Societies (A.C.M.S.). This series is divided into nineteen sub-series of administrative documents, records, and items in regard to the international coordinating agency and parent society of Clan MacLeod worldwide. Sub-series A: Clan MacLeod Heritage Trust; Sub-series B: Clan Centre-Iona Project; Sub-series C: Committees; Sub-series D: Constitution; Sub-series E: Correspondence; Sub-series F: Council Meetings; Sub-series G: Cuillins Mountain Range; Sub-series H: Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod Memorial Trust; Sub-series I: Development Plan; Sub-series J: Election procedures; Sub-series K: Financial; Sub-series L: Genetics Study; Sub-series M: Management Committee; Sub-series N: Migration Project; Sub-series O: Parliament; Sub-series P: Publications; Sub-series Q: Restoration projects; Sub-series R: Workshops; Sub-series S: Miscellaneous.

Series VII: Clan MacLeod National Societies. This series covers the international branches of the Clan MacLeod Society. The series is divided into eight sub-series alphabetically. Sub-series A: Australia; Sub-series B: Canada; Sub-series C: England; Sub-series D: France; Sub-series E: Germany; Sub-series F: New Zealand; Sub-series G: Scotland; Sub-series H: South Africa.

Series VIII: Other Scottish-Related Groups, Foundations, and Clans. This series pertains to various Scottish clans, councils and groups that would often work with Clan MacLeod. There are three sub-series. Sub-series A: Foundations and Councils; Sub-series B: Other Scottish Clans; Sub-series C: Miscellaneous Groups.

Series IX: Events. This series is divided into ten sub-series in regard to the many events that took place within or relation to Clan MacLeod. Sub-series A: Coming of Age Ceremony for Future Chief John (1956); Sub-series B: Dame Flora’s Death (1976); Sub-series C: Chief John’s Death (2007); Sub-series D: Games; Sub-series E: Visits; Sub-series F: Visits-Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod; Sub-series G: Queen’s Visit to Dunvegan; Sub-series H: Workshops; Sub-series I: Miscellaneous Events: United States; Sub-series J: Miscellaneous events: Scotland and elsewhere.

Series X: Photographs. This series contains photographs relating to the events, places, and members of Clan MacLeod. The series is divided into eight sub-series.  Sub-series A: Annual General Meeting; Sub-series B: Dunvegan Castle; Sub-series C: Events; Sub-series D: Parliament; Sub-series E: Portraits; Sub-series F: Portraits-Dame Flora; Sub-series G: Unknown Events; Sub-series H: Miscellaneous.

Series XI: Electronic Media. This series contains various media relating to the documents and events of Clan MacLeod. Various media consists of reel to reel audio tapes, audiocassettes, computer diskettes, documentation of digital files, web page printouts, video, film, and microfiche. There are five sub-series. Sub-series A: Audiocassettes/Reels; Sub-series B: Computer Files; Sub-series C: Website; Sub-series D: Film and Video; Sub-series E: Microfiche.

Series XII: Artifacts. This series contains items relating to events and members of Clan MacLeod. There are no subseries.


The materials in this collection are donated from various members of Clan MacLeod U.S.A.


Open to researchers without restriction. Questions on copyright should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], The Papers of the Clan MacLeod Society of the United States of America, [Box number], [folder number], Special Collections, J. Douglas and Patricia W. Perry Library, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia


The collection consists of 142 boxes which consist of 123 Hollinger document cases, seven binder cases, six photo boxes, three item boxes, and three oversize boxes.

Collection Number:

MG 41

Container List

I. Clan MacLeod USA
II. Personal Correspondence
III. Dunvegan Foundation
IV. Cultural and Educational Resources
V. Publications
VI. Associated Clan MacLeod Societies (A.C.M.S.)
VII. Clan MacLeod National Societies
VIII. Other Scottish-Related Groups, Foundations, and Clans
IX. Events 
X. Photographs 
XI. Electronic Media
XII. Artifacts

Revised: 5/12/11